Exterminate It!

Exterminate It!

Exterminate It! Is part of the new group of apps that comes to fight against the leaders of the security software team, trying to offer users what they need the most: advanced detection, real-time protection and regular updates.

And although it may all sound like milk and honey, it’s not, because Exterminate It! lacks some important features that are crucial when trying to guard a vulnerable computer.

The interface is indeed very easy to use, because all things are nicely organized in a bullet list, letting you start a scan, update, or check the options for some configuration tools.

While the options menu has only a few settings mostly related to Internet connection configuration and AntiRootkit tools, the scanning process is just basic.

There’s only one scanning mode that will check the whole computer for malicious files, which means there’s no option to look into just one folder or scan a given drive.

The good thing is that Exterminate It! scans the computer very fast and although it calls itself an antivirus, it’s mostly designed to detect spyware files and remove them entirely.

It is indeed very friendly with computer resources, so you can safely use it on older machines too, but keep in mind that you may notice some computer slowdowns in performance when updating definitions.

Although it does have a help menu, documentation isn’t stored locally, so you will need an Internet connection to find out more information on the application.

Overall, Exterminate It! is a nice attempt to safeguard computers around the world, but given the price, it’s better to choose an app that already made a name for itself.

Here are some key features of “Exterminate It!”:

· Free personalized updates. Feel the meaning of Real Personal Protection with ‘Submit State’ feature fastest possible responder to Your Threats in 24 hours. Submit your information to us with 1 click and your can exterminate your trouble with next-day database update;
· Run it whenever you need. Don’t waste your system resources with always running applications;
· Helps you to stay CLEAN. That’s vitally important in modern world of online commerce;
· Huge anti-malware database (more than 300,000). This guarantees removal of all infections;
· Free everyday database updates sustain your protection;
· Compatible with other security suites;
· 24 hours customer support service;
· Simple and intuitive interface;
· Easy to install and use;


· At Least 600MHz Processor
· 128 Mb of Memory
· 40 Mb HDD


· If you want to exterminate the problems found after scan you need to buy and activate the software



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